Retirement In Puerto Vallarta – How Are Gringos Treated In Mexico.

Retirement In Puerto Vallarta - How Are Gringos Treated In Mexico. Consulate Guadalajara

Not all tourists that check out Mexico are dealt with the same. As an instance, those that pertain to traffic or usage controlled substances are dealt with rather roughly in Mexico, causing horrible vacations while south of the border! An additional one that’s most likely not distressed to go back to Mexico is Dawg, The Bounty Hunter. He was not treated with a great deal of dignity as well as respect, nevertheless he too may not have very closely complied with the Mexican laws as he cuffed his fugitive and carried him abroad! On the other hand, as normal legislation following people, we have been dealt with like family, like close friends, practically like nobility ever since we began making our semi-annual visits to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 1984, when we bought a condominium in Mismaloya, concerning 6 miles south of Vallarta. Back in the 80 ยด s, it didn’t take much more than a picture identification so as to get a Mexican FMT or vacationer visa. Today, a key or licensed duplicate of a birth certificate is needed for an FMT site visitor visa. These visas are good for staying up to 90 days in Mexico; nevertheless you can ask for and usually receive a 180 day FMT visa.

There is no charge for these visitor visas and they are conveniently gotten at the departure flight terminal or at the Mexican customizeds office when arriving by lorry. Upon entering Mexico, the immigration representatives stamp your duplicate of the visa and tape your entrance right into their digital data base with information concerning the size of your stay and where you’ll be remaining. Upon leaving the nation, you return your copy of the visa and also your separation time is entered into their system. To put it simply, seeing Vallarta for less than 6 months has to do with as simple as maybe. Currently, to put the above Mexican treatment of American as well as Canadian visitors asking for visas right into point of view, let’s compare it to what Mexicans should do to legitimately visit the US. This can be best done by telling the following story which is based upon individual experience and also is typical of American immigration method throughout Mexico.

Retirement In Puerto Vallarta - How Are Gringos Treated In Mexico. United States

For many years, we extensively appreciated our getaways in PV, so much so, that in 1997 we got a stunning villa and also made a decision to make Vallarta our permanent house. We have had a lovely pair working in the suite for the previous eight years. They are a kind, intelligent, tidy, honest, and also church going couple with two of their three children now attending the College of Guadalajara. As a reward for their many years of hard work as well as loyalty, in 2015 we offered the woman an all expenses paid one week holiday to see us in the Lake Tahoe area where we invest the summers. She has actually never ever been to the States and also obviously, she was extremely ecstatic and also looked forward to the trip. We called the US Consulate in Guadalajara to identify the required treatment for Mexicans to check out the United States. Initially, an existing passport is needed, so within a month, she had gotten her new passport. We were likewise educated that she required a duplicate of her savings account declaration in Mexico, a duplicate of her marital relationship license, a duplicate of her residential property act, employment records, and a letter of invitation from us would be useful.

We composed a half web page entered letter of invite, thanking her for the years of dedication and also service, and then helped her assemble all of the needed records right into a file folder. Again we contacted the US Consulate, notified them that all of the required paperwork remained in order, and set up a consultation for her meeting. On the day of her appointment, dressed in her Sunday best, she took the folder packed with needed records and also the cover letter of invite to the United States Consulate in Guadalajara which is a 5 hr drive from Vallarta. The United States Consular office was packed with numerous Mexicans and they put her in a line with regarding 50 others, most likely all having the same consultation time. She indicated that not a single person of the 50 Mexicans ahead of her was given a visa. Finally, after an hour and also a fifty percent, she made it to the front of the line.